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White Sheet

Welcome. Who am I?


Marketing and Communications Professional

  • Competitor Analysis

  • Quantitative and qualitative marketing research

  • Key performance indicators & web-statistics analysis

  • Marketing Intelligence Analyst

  • Corporate Communication

  • Content Production

  • Project Management (Prince 2 Certified)

Author (Hobby)

Content production and storytelling are a big passion and my daily work, but writing books keep me up at night. So far, I've mainly published stories for children and teens. I have a universe of monsters, fairies, dragons, butterflies, and whales that enjoy coming to life in my stories, being photographed by my thousand pencils, and coming alive in the imagination of those who read them — new publications coming soon.

A Creative mind

Learning something new every day is essential for me to feel happy, which is why I'm always in the midst of creative projects of various kinds of which I narrate exploits in my blog, taking myself very seriously. But a lot. The blog is also bilingual, unbelievable.

What projects am I talking about?

For example :


  • Restoring a 1972 sailboat

  • Creating a Christmas Village with gnomes made only with recycled materials

  • Running adventures in the forest and various trips around with my kids

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