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How simple handmade Christmas cards can save a pretty challenging morning.

The morning was full of unforeseen events: the children's school closed due to a strike, a thousand deadlines at work, snow, and rain that alternated outside the house. The big question: how to reconcile the needs of the little ones with those of the to-do list? Simple, with the preparation of Christmas cards.

Arm yourself with proactive energy (it always works) and take some A4 papers, a pair of scissors, a black pen, a box full of colors, stickers like there's no tomorrow, and two curious children (photo 1). Or you can download the template I prepared to make it faster (see bottom of the page).

Foto 1_prendere dei cartoncini dimensioni A4, penna nera, colori, forbici ed adesivi.

"My loves, Christmas is a fair balance of giving and taking, right? This is your call. Create beautiful Christmas drawings to be given to family and friends. If you need any help, I'll be sitting right here next to you. After all, it's just this morning, then after lunch we'll go for a walk in the forest".


Here's the plan: create Christmas cards for friends and family. As for the format chosen for the cards, we opted for two sizes: a larger A5 and a smaller A6 (photo 2).

Foto 2_ Cartoline di due grandezze: A5 (nella foto in bianco) ed A6 (nella foto color ocra).

The children colored and created all morning, and I was able to work until lunchtime.

The result was remarkable: on one side of the postcard, they created Christmas drawings (Christmas tree, gift packages, a sleigh, Santa Claus); on the other side a message of good wishes (or almost), complete with the recipient and 'address' ("For Stef, who lives near my house").

Instead of a stamp, we attached stickers, as these cards will be placed directly in the neighbors' mailboxes or delivered by hand.

After lunch, as promised, we went for a walk in the snowy woods behind the house, and we took the opportunity to mail some postcards.

On this day, I will remember the surprised and proud expression of the children when they saw their crafts ready, and their excitement in placing them in the various mailboxes. The Christmas spirit is definitely in the air; try it to believe it.

In the mood for a challenge? Download the template I've prepared (click on the image below), let the little ones color it during these festive days, and send a card via email to me too, I'll thank you with a little surprise.

Scarica gratuitamente le cartoline da colorare (formato pdf)

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